My Cardinals Season Tickets Project

Section 164 (3rd Base Side), Row C (3rd Row from field), Seats 11 & 12 (aisle seat)
Includes access to the private 3rd Base Club (Full Bar, Food, Restrooms, Tables/Chairs, TV)

20141007_191307(2014 NLDS Clinching Celebration after victory over the Dodgers.) 

I spent my entire life going to Cardinals games every year and I always had to sit in the upper deck. I didn’t have corporate connections or the ability to pay $300-$500/seat to ticket brokers, so to the nose bleeders I went. So in 2002, when I had the chance to get season tickets 3 rows from the field, it was a chance I really didn’t want to pass up. But, being a firefighter who is far from being rich, spending  $10K+ isn’t something I could do on my own. Plus I could only drive the 160 miles to the stadium, maybe once or twice a month, not daily. Well, thanks to tons of great friends, along with the Evansville Firefighter’s Credit Union, I was still able to pull off getting the season tickets and starting a project that I am very proud of…

Gary's Seat
View from our seats in old
Busch Stadium 2002-2005

Panoramic Photo Courtesy of Byron Wilkerson

…That project was sharing awesome seats with Evansville area people that otherwise, would have been sitting in the upper deck, or paying ticket brokers huge chunks of cash. With this project, comes rules I want to go by.


My goal is to share my seats with as many different people as I can.   THE BIG NO-NO is reselling my tickets, for profit. This means placing them on eBay or selling to a ticket broker. Now, if something changes, and you can’t go, I don’t mean you are stuck, you can sell them to a friend and I will be glad to send out a message on our mailing list to help you find a new owner. If anyone is caught selling them on eBay, I will pull the tickets and I will never sell any ticket to you ever again, nor your family, nor your families family… If you get my drift. And yes, 2 people can vouch for that rule. If I wanted this to be a profit thing, I would have taken the huge offers I have turned down.

If you buy tickets from me, when you are using my seats, I ask that you act appropriately! I stay friends with the ushers in the section and if someone causes a major problem, I hear about it. If that happens, well, no more tickets for you.  I don’t mean you can’t have a blast, just don’t cross the lines. In all these years, I’ve never had a problem though, and that is why I love making sure my past ticket holders get #1 priority in future years.


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