Welcome to my website, an ongoing adventure since 1983!

This is my place to share information on a range of interests.  What do you do when you have ADHD and can’t decide one thing to do in your life?  Well, you do them all.  I started my technology company, Digicom,  when I was in 7th grade and 40 years later, we are still going.  I grew up around the fire department, so I also became a 20-year veteran of the Evansville Fire Dept before returning to Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department where I just reached my 21st year.  Add on coaching baseball at Reitz High School (Freshman Baseball), and being a Solar System Ambassador for NASA/JPL,  well, I’m never bored! 

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I love getting the opportunity to share my love of flying and the space program with other interested groups as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.  I do talks with schools and groups of all ages where I share the latest on upcoming and ongoing missions.

For my Space Talk information, check out My NASA Mission!