My first LT and great friend, Rick Berry. Thanks for all you taught me!

I was born to a family who cared about their community and wanted to help, grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, all there for their community.  My father was Fire Chief of Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department for 20-years, so I grew up with baby pictures of me on a fire truck.  Once he retired, I joined Perry where I later served as District Chief and President of the department.  In 2000, I joined the Evansville Fire Department.  It did not earn me a great reputation when I took the opportunity to go to 7’s across from Howell Park, because it’s a slower station. New guys are supposed to pick the busiest houses.  However, the ones who knew me, knew why.  The only things that matters to me, is being there for my friends and family, and that meant the station on the west side protecting Reitz Hill, was what would mean the most to me.  It didn’t matter if it was the busiest station, or the 2nd slowest, it’s all about being there for the people I adore.  Some people don’t want to be there for a friends moments of tragedy, which could even be their final moments… but I do.  Sadly, many times, I was there for “final moments” and I hoped seeing a familiar face that cared, brought comfort… Just like it did when my family at Perry Twp FD and Vanderburgh Co Sheriff’s Department was there for my sons final moments in a car accident. I will forever be grateful for their efforts and hope they don’t feel pain, but are uplifted knowing if there could of been something to do, they were the heroes I wanted to be there with him.

I’m truly thankful I’ve been able to roam the west side in the big red truck for almost 30 years, and my most humble salute to all the firefighters I shared this journey with so far.  I sure do wish my genes gave me a body to be the iconic firefighter build, but I’ve loved the ride so far and hope I’ll be doing it for many years to come.

Summer 2021 Update:

I decided to bring to a close, my 20+ year career with the Evansville Fire Department…

…stay tuned for my next update on where my love for firefighting takes me!  The adventure will continue!  🙂

Fall 2021 Update: 

I have rejoined my family at the Perry Township Fire Department.  They cover the county portion Perry Township (USI Area) and Union Township.  Visit  them at