My Cardinals Season Tickets Project (2002-2020)

Section 164 (3rd Base Side), Row C (3rd Row from field), Seats 11 & 12 (aisle seat)

Includes access to the private 3rd Base Club (Full Bar, Food, Restrooms, Tables/Chairs, TV)

20141007_191307(2014 NLDS Clinching Celebration after victory over the Dodgers.) 

I spent my entire life going to Cardinals games every year and I always had to sit in the upper deck. I didn’t have corporate connections or the ability to pay $300-$500/seat to ticket brokers, so to the nose bleeders I went. So in 2002, when I had the chance to get season tickets 3 rows from the field, it was a chance I really didn’t want to pass up. But, being a firefighter who is far from being rich, spending  $10K+ isn’t something I could do on my own. Plus I could only drive the 160 miles to the stadium, maybe once or twice a month, not daily. Well, thanks to tons of great friends, along with the Evansville Firefighter’s Credit Union, I was still able to pull off getting the season tickets and starting a project that I am very proud of…

Gary's Seat
View from our seats in old
Busch Stadium 2002-2005

Panoramic Photo Courtesy of Byron Wilkerson

…That project was sharing awesome seats with Evansville area people that otherwise, would have been sitting in the upper deck, or paying ticket brokers huge chunks of cash. 


THE END IN 2020:

The project lasted 18 years, before the dream was killed by COVID-19 and an uncertainty in ticket sales that was too great to continue the financial risk.  However, boy was it a ride!   Four World Series Trips with 2 victories, countless playoff games, and even an All-Star game where the Secret Service stood right by me protecting me.  (OK, so maybe he was there for the President, lol, but he stood next to ME!)


So I’d like to thank the 100’s of people that used the seats every year and made it a total success and selling out every year.  All the photos of baseballs that were caught in the seats, all the smiling faces, the great stories of players diving into our seats… it was an amazing ride.  I wanted to leave some of the great photos people shared as a tribute to some great times.

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Panoramic view from the seats
Very nice letters from friends using the seats…
Gary, Thank you for doing this each year, because I have really enjoyed the view.  I thought it was a little crazy at first the way you talked about Dick the Usher, but now, I find it nice to feel like I am seeing an old friend when I go to the games.  I look forward to seeing Dick again this year and hopefully catching another baseball. Ben & Tammy
Gary, Wow!  The seats were amazing and you were right about foul balls!  We got one in batting practice and a second one that Carpenter hit during the game.  I know you invest a lot of time, effort and money to make the games available to us all and I thank you.  I felt at home, since I already knew Dick and Jim from your website and there just as nice as could be!  I’ll be in touch for more games! Jack
Gary, Just wanted to say thank you for allowing my husband and myself to use your tickets.  This is the second year in a row we have gone to a game and we have absolutely loved it.  The seats are awesome!  We went this year on July 18th.  The weather was perfect and it was the “getaway” we needed from the hecticness of summer.Thanks again!  We look forward to getting more tickets from you in the future! Jeff and Martha
Hello Gary: We had a fantastic time at the game.  The seats are superb!  Gotta tell you a story.  We talked to Jim about getting Trevor (my son), a ball.  Exactly as you said, he indicated that he couldn’t guarantee it, but he told Trevor that when a ball was hit his way, to come down to the wall by the little gate and call his name loudly, and he would see what he could do.  Well, top of the first inning, 4th batter of the game, here comes a ground ball to Jim, Trevor does exactly as he says, and Jim puts the ball right in his hands!  What a fantastic memory for my son… Thanks again for all that you do to make these seats available.  You were part of making a memory for my son that will literally last a lifetime….Trevor and I also agreed that we’re just going to have to make this an annual outing (!).  So we’ll be eagerly awaiting the list of games available next spring….Thanks again, ChrisP.S.  I also made sure to say hello to Dick!  He’s a great guy…
Gary,  I just wanted to say thanks for the tickets. My Mom had a great birthday!  Your seats are absolutely amazing. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the pictures. OH yeah, Dick and Jim are great!! Thanks again,  Amanda(And thank YOU Amanda for the photos and the picture of the game ball your mom got!)
Gary, we went to the August 3rd and 4th games. Even though we lost both games, we had a blast! 2 or 3 balls were hit in our section. When Prince Fielder homered, a fan threw the ball back on the field and my favorite player Scott Spiezio lobbed the ball to me! The seats are perfect and the wind coming into the open stadium was perfect. I want to thank you for continuing to share your seats. This is our 3rd year of getting games from you. Looks like the Cards are playing good ball again…take care!Tom Mt. Vernon, IN
Hey Gary,My wife and myself absolutely love using your seats and are so excited about next year.  We went to a game in June against the Indians and Yadier Molina hit a foul ball right to me so this was the first time I ever got to take home a game used souvenir.  Look forward to the upcoming season.  Go Cards Repeat.
GaryThis is Amanda M. and I actually have a funny story to report to you about your seats. My fiancé and I went to a cardinals vs cubs game.  We were just sitting there and I remember looking up and here comes a foul ball right in front of me.  Unfortunately we did not catch it but it did hit a little boy in the leg. Needless to say the we ended up losing the game in 14 innings but it was great.   Thanks Gary
Gary, The seats were amazing!  You said we had a good chance for foul balls in the area, and sure enough, I walked away with a ball! Rob
Gary, Thank you very much for the use of your seats, that was the best time I have ever had at a ball game.  Being the sole Barry Bond’s fan in the stadium, I had a sign showing my love.  As he walked by every inning, he would look up and nod to me, along with the first inning, I got the double chest pound and he pointed to me.  I’ve not stopped bragging to me friends yet! Rick
Gary, Awesome Seats!  We got to talk to the players and my son got some autographs during batting practice.  If that wasn’t enough, we listened to you and made friends with the ball guy on the field before the game and the very first foul ball, he looked for Josh and threw the ball to him.  Thank you for an amazing experience. Chad Chandler, IN