My NASA Mission...

Video/Images Courtesy of NASA/JPL

I am very excited that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has taken me on as a Solar System Ambassador.   I will be available for talks about NASA missions, solar system events, along with fun events for catching special events in the night sky in the Evansville, Indiana area.

Current 2024-2025 talks include: 
 – Space Junk and it’s concerns
 – Artemis Mission to the Moon
 – Living in Space (with videos by Astronaut Chris Hadfield)
 – Psyche Mission (Mission to a Metal World)
 – 2024 Eclipse Overview & Safety
 – 3D Space (Slideshow of Moon/ISS photos/videos w/ Blue/Red 3D Glasses)
 – Viewing spacecraft from your backyard


Need a specific topic on the space program?  Just let me know and we can most likely make that happen.

For Museum, Schools or other groups that would like to setup a event, please contact me at

For News Media, please contact me through the NASA Website.

For credential verification, visit:  
NASA’s Directory of Ambassadors

Schedule for Spotting Space Objects

NASA’s Spot the Station Website

Heaven’s Above – Track all orbiting space items

(Links are customize to Evansville, IN.  If you are outside the area, you will need to adjust the location on the website to your area.)

Links for Artemis Space Mission Talks:

Eclipse Resources:

Annular, Total, and Partial Eclipses

 Total Solar Eclipse

 Partial Solar Eclipse


The 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses: NASA Map and Data

 Solar Eclipse Map


Annular Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse


Pinhole Projectors

 How to Make a Pinhole Projector


 Annular Solar Eclipse Projector

 Total Solar Eclipse Projector


Total Solar Eclipses – the Corona

Total Solar Eclipse above Madras, Oregon


Coronal Mass Ejection during a Total Solar Eclipse – Fun way to view the sun online

Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun | Eclipse Over America


Heliophysics Big Year


Coronal Mass Ejection – SOHO LASCO and STEREO A

Movies and Images of the Solar Corona


Flare – extreme ultraviolet (EUV), SDO AIA 131, 193


Filament – H-Alpha, SDO AIA


Plage – H-Alpha, Ca K


Prominence – H-Alpha, SDO AIA 304 

Bonus Clips from Chris Hadfield on living in space: